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Name:MaryLou Houllis
Company:New Beginning Oneness Center
Title:Spiritual Leader
Address:210 South Pinellas Ave., Suite 195
City:Tarpon Springs
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-415-3600
Cell No:727-415-3600
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MaryLou Houllis
Mary Lou Houllis is a woman on a mission!
Mary Lou is gifted with a futuristic vision of man's potential as an individual and also as a planetary family.  Mankind has entered an enormous global shift and with it has come a universal message singularly significant for our times.  She relays this irrepressibly optimistic message with a vitality and enthusiasm which is both contagious and inspirational! She has the ability to offer a viable alternative to the fear based cynicism which is gripping a growing number of people in our changing world today.

We as a species are being called to a new way of being which is inclusive and offers hope for the whole human family. Man has the potential to become co-creators of a new future and Mary Lou is creating a road map for our generation through her dynamic speaking ability.

As a well known inspirational speaker, Mary Lou hosted a television program for over six years nationally and has spoken across the county in many venues such as conferences, churches, women's, community, and business groups. She has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs sharing her insightful messages of humanity's oneness.

Mary Lou is able to stimulate her listeners to soar beyond limited ways of thinking by opening new awareness of the power and purpose being birthed from within humanity today.  While the upheaval in governments, economics, and the systems of our world seems confusing, she brings clarity of purpose for the re-ordering emerging for the future of our species.

Mary Lou will captivate and inspire any audience as she motivates them to follow their highest dream by learning to use the co- creative power at their disposal to generate a loving, beautiful, endlessly abundant life.  She also brings in her vast knowledge of symbiology, spiritual traditions, ancient and indigenous cultures which connects the missing pieces of one timeless picture of man evolutionary story.  

After she speaks, Mary Lou's audience will know without a doubt they have come at this exciting time in history for a divine purpose and great destiny!
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